Ramsay Highlander, Inc Custom Harvesting Aids

CUSTOM HARVESTING AIDS to Increase Productivity

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How We Work Together

Each user has needs and demands which are unique to his business. Those challenges must be met before our equipment can completely fill his economic and production needs. Every machine built by Ramsay Highlander reflects engineering standards and mechanical modifications to meet the particular needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Our equipment is the product of teamwork, between your needs and our experience in designing the kind of equipment which will do the complete job you want it to do.


  1. Engineering
  2. Custom Design
  3. Field Consulting
  4. Hydraulic Manufacturing
  5. Machine Shop Fabrication
  6. WaterJet Parts & Supplies
  7. Personalized On-Site Implementation and Support
  8. On-Site Servicing and Repairs


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