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Romaine/Green Leaf Lettuce Mechanical Harvester Video


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Mechanical Water Jet Harvester

Easily reconfigured for seed row and bed spacings

This harvester mechanically harvests romaine with high pressure water jets. The video shows the crowders at the front of the machine which contain water nozzle and water deflectors. Once head has been cut it is gently lifted by a dual conveyor system. One being an anti-roll back belt with fingers. The romaine is then elevated by a flighted rodded belt which aids in eliminating trash leaves. The romaine is then quality controlled by workers located at the top deck. Good product being put on the top belt, bad product being left on the belt to fall back to the ground via a trash chute. Good romaine then is packed by 2-3 packers at the rear of the machine into plastic totes or cartons and side loaded to a trailer. The machine can be ordered with a bulk elevator to increase production.



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