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Spinach/Spring Mix BL Mini Mechanical Harvesters

BL Mini Aerial View Stainless Steel Track Drive Spinach Harvesting Stainless Steel Track Drive Spinach Harvester
Stainless Steel Track Drive Spinach Harvesting Equipment Stainless Steel Track Drive Spinach Equipment
Stainless Steel Track Drive Leafy Vegetable Harvester

Product Details

Ramsay Highlander is proud to introduce the BL Mini, its newest spinach/spring mix harvester. The BL Mini is durable, affordable to service, and compact
for transport. The stainless construction means long machine life and better product safety. Parts are readily available from Ramsay Highlander. The machine reconfigures for transport to a slim 102” wide, so no permits are required for transport.

Sanitation is a crucial part of every day procedures. Special attention to this was taken by minimizing the electrical components and using water tight connectors on all connections. Washdown is quick and easy because hard to reach areas have been minimized. The nosebar is on a quick release mechanism for quick cleaning.

Field Crops

Spinach, Spring Mix


  • Stainless Construction
  • Track Drive
  • 66 HP John Deere 4024 Turbo
  • 102” Wide for Transport
  • 6.5 psi Ground Pressure
  • 8’ of Shaker Belt
  • Adjustable Ground Height
  • Sealed switches


  • 120 gal. water system
  • Lighting system
  • Air separator system
  • Pest deterring air curtain
  • Pressure washer
  • Canopy
  • Bulk loading version
  • Memory cut system


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