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BrimaPack is the name for a growing assortment of packaging & handling equipment for the vegetable industry. Having started around 10 years ago with the development of packaging machines for broccoli in stretch film, the range now includes sorting systems for vegetables, inline labelling & printing and more. BrimaPack stands for high-quality packaging systems based on innovative technololgy, resulting in premium packaging solutions at unbeatable low packaging costs.


T3 Technologies

T3 Technologies - The premier tracking solution provider

T3 has been developing its unique approach to business critical agricultural solutions for the past 8 years working with many of todays top Ag industry companies as well as the local farmer in need of data capture. From this unique experience we truly know the needs of the complete food production industry and its dilemmas. T3's core business is software and hardware integration. Their portfolio is built around a unique offering of software development (pc, mobile, and web), mobile computing solutions (handheld, tablet, and terminal), tracking technologies (bar coding, RFID, etc.), weigh systems, data integration, process management improvement and reengineering, as well as technology support.




ORAKA is a New Zealand company that had it's beginnings as a small family agricultural operation. The main product has been machinery for grading of asparagus. This system has been under development for about 25 years and is the world leader in it's field. Since starting to use computerised cameras in 1993, there have been about 80 ORAKA asparagus graders sold in 10 countries.



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