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Located in the heart of the Salinas Valley, Ramsay Highlander is internationally known as the world's largest manufacture of self-propelled Harvesting Aids. Ramsay has been solving problems and satisfying customers needs for over 35 years. We custom design machines to meet the exact requirements of each customer by utilizing the latest computer aided design (CAD) software in addition to our many years of experience.

Ramsay Highlander aims to provide the user with an affordable harvesting aid which meets the needs of their production program today, next week and for decades to come. Our machines must be easy to use in the field, easy to maintain and rugged. That’s what we would demand if we were the buyers.

Ramsay strives to meet the objectives growers, as a potential customer and in a broader sense as the hard-pressed businessmen that they are today. We provide parts support, engineering backup, and attend trade shows in order to stay in touch with the changing needs of agri-business. As a result, our large harvester is now in it's fourth generation, having undergone substantial improvements to make it easier to use and more productive in the field.

Using our machinery, workers are able to quickly and efficiently harvest such vegetables as broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, and melons by placing them on a conveyor that moves the produce up into bins or into field wagons for easy transport to the shed for packing.

The Highlander Harvesting Aid is a self-propelled laterally-moving field conveyor. The machine operator controls the speed in the field from 0 to 5 miles per hour to suit crop density and the needs of the harvesting crew. The four wheel hydrostatic drives tires run parallel to and between the row crop beds. This design factor, in conjunction with infinitely variable speed, minimizes damage to both the field and the crop being harvested. The machine's steady pace gives you control of your work force, while giving them greater access to the product being harvested. Tires sizes are selected based on the gross vehicle weight, maximum required flotation and the need minimize crop damage.

This means the Highlander system can be economically and efficiently operated under a broad variety of field conditions, both wet and dry. This machine has an excellent reputation in operating under severe muddy conditions with little reduction in its harvesting capability. At row end the drive wheels turn sideways to allow a lateral shift to the next series of rows, which simplifies row end direction reversal, minimizes crop damage and reduces lost time in the harvesting process.

In summary, the Highlander Harvesting Aid is an exceptionally strong field system which adapts well to a variety of crops and field conditions. It accelerates the harvesting of crops, concentrates the work force which provides more positive supervision while reducing damage to the produce. We're proud to say that we build quality equipment, with satisfied customers who depend on the reliability of our machines year after year.


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