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CUSTOM HARVESTING AIDS to Increase Productivity

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Spinach Harvester

Specialized Harvesting Aids

Ramsay Highlander is a manufacturer of specialized harvesting aids for the vegetable growing industry. Ramsay stands at the forefront of labor-assisting harvest technologies and has introduced numerous innovative designs at agricultural expositions. Cited by numerous trade journals and publications, Ramsay Highlander is widely known for a nationwide and international client base.

Custom Machinery

Ramsay Highlander is the recognized, industry expert in getting the most yields – per day, per season – from the labor and resources you have available. Ramsay Highlander is your first choice when researching new custom harvesting machinery. Ramsay works with you to design a harvesting system and a harvesting aid that’s built for your farm, your crop and your labor force.

  • Quality machines that work to make you money

  • Maximize your output with current technologies

  • Be prepared with the right equipment and the right plan… now

  • End up with a profitable yield

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Broccolli, Cauliflower Harvester Onion, Garlic, Bulb Harvester
Cantalope, Watermelon, Melon Harvester Iceberg, Green Leaf, Romaine, Cabbage Harvester
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